Meditation Shrine

So, I have recently reconnected with my Taoist roots and begun to take a new scholarly approach to meditation and Taoism in general. In order to combine that with my great need to use my hands, I designed and made this Yin Yang table. It's for holding such various items as chimes, incense, candles, idols, desserts, and what have you. It sits before my meditation pad in a section of my room.

I think I have contracted a hippie disease.


Water Flows Uphill

Another day, another 'Turd.' This film actually has a decent amount of visual trickery, but still gets the turd moniker because it was made in one day. It's all about water that just can't follow the rules like it's supposed to. Stupid water. Why can't you just be normal like the rest of your brethren? This was created for Open Screen a few months ago.

Comming soon, "Building Power Supplies" Tutorial


UP-UP-UPDATE!! Check THIS POST for the first of two (or more?) power supply tutorials I wrote for Instructables.

Every project needs power, and every hobbyist needs a variable bench power supply. It's a surprisingly easy item to build, either from scratch or scrap parts, and you'll get lots of mileage out of it.

Home Alone

I've been messing with Vimeo and my site structure to determine how best to approach this. Here's what I've got so far.

This film, Home Alone, fits in a category I call "Turds." They are films I make very quickly with no real regard for image quality. Sometimes, I do this because I'm bored, or upset at my lack of film output, or under duress to finish something because I have put it off too long.

In this piece, I was having a suprisingly hard time renting my apartment, and it was bumming me out. I figured, if the room was going to be empty, it may as well become a sound stage. Here is the result of a couple hours of shooting, and several more editing over a weekend.

Don't Lose, Those Shoes

In Boston, we have a thing called Open Screen. It's an open mic night for movies. I always try to make movies for it, but usually fail. One day, I got real bummed out about that. With the show that night, I quickly came up with a concept. After work at 6, I shot and edited this frantically, to submit it for the 7:30 show.

Big Talking Heads

One of my first films with 20 American Dollars. A mockumentary in which people believe their heads are enormous. Part of Open Screen Best of 08!

Halloween Marathon Survival Guide

We do a 12 hour movie marathon on halloween at my theater. We like to do little skits and things in between. I planned on making a few movies one year - but as usual I dropped the ball, and also as usual, this made me sad. On the night before the show, I shot this and stayed at the theater all night to edit it.

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