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The goals of this site are;
First, to exist as a venue for my creative output in the arena of Art/Science. What good is creating without a venue? And what better venue than your own?

Second, to connect with other like minded peers in a community of creators. Sharing and building ideas to challenge each other to take it to the next level.

Third, to document the process and technique of some of my work as tutorials to aid those trying to learn. Give it away to keep it, they say.


As a youngster, I was always fascinated by how things worked. I didn't really get into electronics then, but I learned the concept of a complete circuit enough to build an electric toilet scrubber for a science fair. It didn't go over well. In more recent times, I have taken a more rigorous study of this craft. I dabbled in analog electronics and microcontrollers (esp. Arduino), and am currently receiving a formal electronics education. Electronics will most likely end up as the majority of this sites content.


My first instrument was a Mickey Mouse snare drum at the age of 2. I picked up guitar in at 13, and it pretty much took over. I played in bands and gave lessons before moving to Boston after high school. I studied recording, and went on to do a little bit of film scoring and a bit of commercial music. I co-founded a band called TruckeR. We finished our second release in late 2009, but are "unofficially disbanded" after the departure of our drummer and my relocation up north. I am slowly assembling a full recording studio and hope to get some solo recordings on this site someday.


I caught the filmmaking bug in 8th grade when I discovered the magic of what happens 'behind the scenes' of a film set. I was primarily interested in special effects back then. After music took over my life, it was a handful of years before filmmaking crept back in. I dabble in shooting and editing on video, but FILM was what I longed for. Without the means to acquire equipment, I read everything I could about cameras and took up still photography to learn exposure. Eventually I collected a few super 8 and Bolex 16mm cameras. Eventually, I will transfer these films to video to post on the site, and hopefully keep making more.


My photography started as a means of understanding how film worked in order to make motion pictures. It became an obsession of its own when I schemed up art/science projects that were suited for still (rather than motion) images. I always focused on pushing the envelope of exposure, and making possible what seemed otherwise at first thought. A great example would be hour long daytime exposures, using a 13 stop ND filter. The result was a daytime void of all signs of life. I no longer have a darkroom, so my still photo career is on hold indefinitely. I will soon curate my work to date to scan and upload here.


I was born in the late 70's in the depths of northernmost Maine. My interest in film and music began around grades 7 and 8. I began to listen to music more critically and decided to pick up the guitar. I had discovered Fangoria magazine, and 'behind the scenes' specials about the making of films (this WAY predates the idea of DVD Special Features stuff - it was rare and if you were lucky, you could tape it to VHS). Then my dad bought a VHS camcorder. I don't recall ever having permission to use it alone, but when the folks were out of town, I made movies instead of having parties. Other friends had picked up instruments and eventually we formed a band. Film took a back seat, and I went full on with music. At 17 I was studying 'the industry' in a legal sense, reading about recording music, and doing live sound. My band decided to move to Boston. It didn't work out, but I decided to go anyway.

I got an Associates Degree in 'Recording Arts' from the now defunct Mass Comm. college. My film bug came back hard, and I picked up still photography as a means to learn film exposure. Eventually I moved into Super 8 and 16mm, still pasions of mine in the world of HD. I kept up with photography, turning my bedroom into a black and white darkroom (I HIGHLY recommend AGAINST this! Chemistry was no big deal - if you put it away! - but a blacked out room WILL lead you to psychotic zombie episodes). Eventually, my boyhood curiosity of how things worked joined in. I became interested in, and then obsessed with, electronics. This lead from analog electronics to microcontrollers and such.

I now try to juggle all of these simultaneously and strive to combine them as much as possible. Studying electronics/building projects, writing/recording music, making films and making them one. Still photography has been put on the shelf for reasons of time, and also because I moved out of that darkroom. "Come to the light Carolann."

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